Holidays in North Cyprus – rent an apartment, apartment or villa in the popular resorts of North Cyprus in Iskele, Kyrenia, Famagusta.

Northern Cyprus is a vacation on the cleanest and most magnificent beaches in the entire Mediterranean. Turquoise gentle sea, golden sand and always sunny weather


Kyrenia (GIRNE)

To get familiar to Northern Cyprus, of course, we must begin with the busiest city, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year – Kyrenia, and its picturesque suburbs.

Kyrenia (Girne) is a city at the foot of the Kyrenia Mountains, descending with old streets surrounded by boutique hotels and shops to the romantic embankment of the Kyrenia harbor with many cozy restaurants, and drowsily swaying colorful yachts and fishing boats.

Kyrenia and its suburbs are loved by foreigners and expats. Here are the most famous clubs, beaches and restaurants. Kyrenia is a fashionable city in Northern Cyprus. It is also considered the most cheerful city in Northern Cyprus. Regardless of its reputation, it is quite safe. It is not uncommon for young couples to stroll carefree at any time of the day.

If you really want to live an active urban lifestyle, you can buy an apartment in the city center. However, if you prefer privacy and relaxation, you can purchase a house in one of the suburbs surrounding Kyrenia. Some popular suburbs include Çatalkoy, Karsiyaka, Alsancak, Lapta, Karaoglanoğlu, etc. There are some pretty interesting entertainment venues in these areas such as an ice rink, cinema, riding schools and of course beaches. Many foreigners love to live in these cozy suburbs of Kyrenia.

Other suburban areas such as Ozankoy and Bellapais are closer to the mountains. These two areas are surrounded by beautiful and lush nature. Esentepe, Bahceli, Tatlısu are about 20 minutes drive from the city. They have great beaches, great fishing spots and a great golf club. Usually people who value comfort and peace choose these places as their home.

Finally, another advantage of buying property in Kyrenia is that it is especially convenient for families with children. There are several well-known schools and kindergartens where teaching is conducted in Turkish and English. In addition, the main campus of the Girne American University, which is one of the TOP-5 universities in Northern Cyprus, is located here.

Kyrenia (GIRNE)

Kyrenia, or Girne in Turkish, is a major cultural and economic center of Northern Cyprus. It’s bright, full of students and tourists, and maybe a little too noisy for those looking for some peace and quiet.

If you live in Northern Cyprus, and especially in the Kyrenia region, you will soon find that this city has its own attraction. It attracts both residents and visitors who flock to Kyrenia Harbor daily in large numbers to stroll along the harbor to Kyrenia Castle or have a leisurely lunch at one of the many small cafes dotted around the area.

The beautiful traditional church of St. Andrew in Kyrenia welcomes parishioners to regular Sunday services led by the resident of the Episcopal Church in the nearby Hermitage.

Kyrenia is well connected to most major destinations throughout the island. It is also close to international airports. The road to the capital or Ercan airport (which is located on the Turkish side) takes about half an hour; Larnaca Airport is over an hour away.

To the east of the city there is also the New Harbor, from where you can take a ferry to Turkey.

The city sprawls beyond the harbor and is home to an ever-growing population of expatriates from all over the world.

It has all the amenities you need on a daily basis: shops, utilities, municipal offices, banks, communications, many cafes and restaurants, and places to relax.

For more sophisticated shopping or entertainment, people usually head to Nicosia, very often to the Greek side. Crossing the border is not a problem, for many residents of Cyprus this is a common thing. 

Another option is to treat yourself to a casual weekend in Istanbul and enjoy a great getaway in a city with top-notch shopping malls and all kinds of entertainment.

If you’re looking for a quieter life, check out the many small villages outside of Kyrenia that offer exactly what you’re looking for – peace and quiet – while being within easy reach of the city.


Moving east along the coast, you will find many beautiful little villages, most of which boast fantastic views and proximity to beaches.

For example, the village of Esentepe is a very popular place among expats who want to buy property in Northern Cyprus. It has its own beach, schools, a doctor’s office, a police station and several shops, and just a 10-minute drive from the hotel is an international standard golf course. It is also home to the famous medieval domed church of Antiphonitis, which dates back to the 12th century.

The village of Ozankoy is famous for its olive, carob and lemon trees and offers stunning views of Bellapais Abbey. The village with a medieval church and a mosque is very traditional and peaceful.

In the mountains is the white colonial village of Carmi , a veritable expatriate haven located right below St. Hilarion Castle. With a pub and restaurant, a small gallery and a church in the middle, all shrouded in bougainvillea and guarded by solemn cypress trees, this is a beautiful place that many would like to call home.

Other villages along the coast, including Alsancak, Lapta and Karsiyaka, are also beloved by expats and have much to offer their residents


This small village in the mountains, about four kilometers from Kyrenia, is truly beautiful. It was here that Lawrence Durrell wrote his famous book Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, a sad and heartbreaking story about the conflict between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.

Living there means getting away from the hustle and bustle of Kyrenia to a secluded spot in a beautiful village with unparalleled views and a magnificent 13th century abbey. The pride and joy of Bellapais, the abbey is precariously built on a natural terrace with a huge drop.

From here you can see the entire northern coast, and the building is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the Middle East. It is very popular with locals, tourists and expats. People come here to have a bite to eat or drink a cup of tea in restaurants with an unforgettable view, admire the architecture or even say their wedding vows. Local art lovers enjoy performances at the Abbey Concert Hall.

The abbey is also the site of the annual Bellapais International Music Festival. It usually takes place in May and June and includes concerts of classical music, choirs, opera singers and brass bands.

Bellapais is the perfect place if you are moving with kids as it is close to one of the best international schools on the island, the Kyrenia English School.


Famagusta is one of the main tourist cities in Northern Cyprus. Famagusta and its surroundings, including Varosha (Marash), the resort area of ​​Famagusta, once one of the most popular resorts in Europe, are endless golden beaches caressed by the gentle turquoise surf.

Famagusta is also known for the largest university on the island of Cyprus – Eastern Mediterranean University, the main state university in Northern Cyprus. Currently, the number of students at the university is estimated at about 20,000 people from about 206 countries.


Famagusta is a large city on the east coast of Cyprus. It is just over an hour drive from Kyrenia and another popular holiday destination in Northern Cyprus. It is the capital of the Famagusta (Gazimagusa) region of Northern Cyprus and is a stunning blend of ancient and modern, the flavor of an ancient walled city and new buildings, a mixture of ancient stories and reflections on the future.

Famagusta has the deepest harbor on the island and hosts the largest ships. It is a bustling city with a walled city at its heart and is breathtaking. The city offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes.

It is worth remembering that the townhouses are the campus of the Eastern Mediterranean University and are usually very busy and all students enjoy this place.

The beaches around Famagusta are considered the best on the island and are also a good starting point for exploring the Karpaz Peninsula, a wild and deserted area full of magnificent beaches.


Unlike Kyrenia, Famagusta has somehow retained its unique Northern Cypriot charm. There are several suggestions as to why this might be the case. It is said that this could be because of the massive castle that is located in the center of the city, or because of the legend of Othello, who is said to have lived in Famagusta with his heartthrob Desdemona, or because Famagusta is further from Lefkosa and Ercan than Kyrenia. After all, there are plenty of speculations.

Currently, Famagusta and the suburbs are developing rapidly. Iskele literally appeared out of nothing. About twenty elite residential complexes were built here and a beautiful embankment was built. Its municipal authorities are working to achieve their goal of making the city “a model for modern life in Cyprus”.

Bogaz is also an area in the suburbs of Famagusta that deserves attention. It is located near Karpaz, which is a wonderful natural and beautiful part of the island. Read more about Karpaz in this article. Buying a property in Bogaz offers you a life close to the national park, vast wild beaches and stunning nature. It is ideal for those who love nature and are looking for peace and quiet.

Iskele and Boğaz

This is an area of ​​endless clean beaches, modern residential complexes with all the necessary infrastructure and villas near the sea.

A cozy colorful atmosphere, breathtaking views, a fascinating history and the cleanest beaches in the entire Mediterranean attract many tourists here.

On the way from Famagusta towards the Karpas Peninsula, you will pass the village of Yeni Iskele , also known by its Greek name Trikomo. Iskele in Northern Cyprus is the most popular resort among foreigners who have a rest in Northern Cyprus, and who have moved to permanent residence in Northern Cyprus. Iskele and especially the Long Beach area is a popular tourist destination in Northern Cyprus.

The Long Beach area is the most popular among vacationers and property buyers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, it is one of the best places for a beach holiday on the entire Cyprus coast. This is an area of ​​endless clean beaches, modern residential complexes with all the necessary infrastructure and villas near the sea.

The beaches of Long Beach are the best sandy beaches on the east coast of Cyprus, washed by the waters of the azure Mediterranean Sea. The Long Beach embankment is equipped with two long beaches with sun loungers and cabanas. To the left and right of Long Beach, as far as the eye can see, there are pristine sandy beaches where you can relax right on the sand or bring everything you need for secluded comfort.

Long Beach is a popular place for active and family holidays. Here you will find beautiful walking paths with comfortable surface for leisurely walks or morning jogs along the sea, bike paths and sports grounds with a variety of exercise equipment, special playgrounds with slides, swings and sports equipment.

Iskele is also known for its annual festival which takes place during the first two weeks of July, and the Mehmetcik (Galatea) grape festival which usually takes place during the first week of August. Both of these festivals are major regional cultural events, attracting visitors from all over the island.

Approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Iskele is Boaz – a traditional fishing village, which is within easy reach of the most magnificent and clean beaches on the entire Mediterranean coast – the Karpaz Peninsula . Boaz is famous for its harbour, which is home to several fish restaurants where they prepare and serve fish literally from the sea.

There are a lot of expats here, and several bars in the area are owned by expats. The village is very calm with great places to eat. It is conveniently located close to Famagusta to travel every day but far enough away to relax. There are beautiful beaches around. Boaz is very quiet in winter, but gets much busier in summer.


Living on the Turkish side of Nicosia or Lefkosa is not the most popular idea among expats. It’s understandable – when you move to Cyprus, you can’t wait to enjoy the sea view from your terrace, which is something you can’t get in Nicosia.

However, there are certain advantages to living a little further inland: fewer tourists and, as a result, not many service businesses (such as shops, cafes and restaurants) inflate prices during the tourist season.

In the north of Nicosia is the historic walled city with the beautiful Sarayonu square in the center. The walls are medieval but there are many modern additions to this place with its colorful bars, restaurants and shops. It is very compact and is a great place to walk around the city.

The whole place is a wonderful combination of different historical eras and architecture. Christianity and Islam are side by side and mixed with Venetian, British, French and Genoese details that pop up here and there.

In the more modern area of ​​North Nicosia – Dereboyu district – business centers and modern entertainment centers are located. The region has become a center of entertainment, with regular street parties, festivals and concerts by local bands.

Despite being part of a divided city, North Nicosia still has the feel of a capital city when it comes to cultural experiences. The city regularly hosts a number of festivals, including international theater and music festivals.

The annual Spring Celebration is hosted by Near East University, where famous Turkish Cypriots, Turkish and international singers and bands perform. The University’s Atatürk Center for Culture and Congress is also the venue for the annual International Cyprus Theater Festival.

The big disadvantage of living in Nicosia is the summer heat. The city has a hot summer. This is the hottest place in Cyprus with summer temperatures over 40 degrees.

The city is also full of students as it is home to several universities and has a student population of over 34,000.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the majority of Nicosia’s residents are Turkish, so knowing the language a little can really come in handy.

Public transport is inefficient, so you have a long way to go by car. The nearest beach is 50 km from the hotel, so a car is required.

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