Iskele is a city on the east coast of the island of Cyprus, located a few kilometers from the city of Famagusta. 

Along the long beach, with wide walking paths, playgrounds and playgrounds, and a cafe called Long Beach, there are upscale complexes of apartments and villas, as well as hotels and restaurants

The Long Beach area is the most popular among vacationers and property buyers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, it is one of the best places for a relaxing beach holiday on the entire Cyprus coast. 

This is an area of ​​endless clean beaches and modern residential complexes and villas near the sea, with all the necessary infrastructure.

Of the sights located in the Iskele region, the most interesting are the ancient ruins of the once majestic city of Salamis (or Salamis), which was the main city of the island and one of the key trading cities of the Mediterranean for more than a thousand years, until the fourth century AD, as well as Kantara Castle, located on the very top of the Kyrenia mountain range.

A cozy atmosphere, breathtaking views, a fascinating history and the cleanest beaches in the entire Mediterranean attract many tourists here.

The beaches of Long Beach are the best sandy beaches on the east coast of Cyprus, washed by the waters of the azure Mediterranean Sea. The Long Beach embankment is equipped with two long beaches with sun loungers and cabanas. On the sides of Long Beach, as far as the eye can see, stretch the purest sandy beaches, where you can relax right on the sand or bring everything you need for a secluded comfortable stay.


Long Beach is a popular place for active and family holidays. Here you will find beautiful walking paths with comfortable surface for leisurely walks or morning jogs along the sea, bike paths and sports grounds with a variety of exercise equipment, special playgrounds with slides, swings and sports equipment.


In the city of Iskele, there are branches of five banks, a network of ATMs, supermarkets and many shops and shops where you can buy everything you need.


In the central region of Iskele, not far from the municipality, there is a local market, where sellers from all nearby villages come on Fridays. Here you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and dried fruits, cheeses, Cypriot olive oil, black olives, fish, clothes and household goods at a very low price. This is a real oriental bazaar, popular with locals and tourists. Here you can hear a variety of languages: Turkish, English, Ukrainian, Polish, Farsi and, of course, Russian, a conversation in which many sellers will be happy to support.


The municipality of Iskele holds numerous cultural events: a festival of harvest and agriculture, days of cultures of other states, music festivals and a traditional festival dedicated to the Iskele region.


The most famous sights in the Iskele region are the Byzantine Church of St. Jacob (5th century) and the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary (Panagina Theotokos), dating from the 12th century, which today houses the Museum of Iskele Icons, the castle-fortress of Kantara, located on the top of the Kyrenia ridge.

A special atmosphere of peace and tranquility, as well as a magnificent view of the sea attract many tourists here.

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