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Northern Cyprus is the cleanest and most magnificent beaches in the entire Mediterranean. Turquoise gentle sea, golden sand and always sunny weather. Come to the island of your best future memories.

“North Cyprus offers the best coastal property investment opportunities IN THE WORLD.”

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In Northern Cyprus, very low prices for the countries of the Mediterranean region, with a very efficient and progressive development of the region. The cost of real estate in neighboring countries is 2-3 times higher. In the near future there will be a jump in real estate prices, so many forward-thinking people, including Russians, invest in North Cyprus now and have the opportunity to receive good passive income.


Affordability of life

The cost of living in North Cyprus is practically the same as in Russia. A grocery basket for a family with 2 adults and 2 children is about $ 70 per week, apartments in a new building by the sea - from £ 35,000.



300 days of sunshine a year, an average annual temperature of +25 degrees and the cleanest Mediterranean Sea. There are no harmful industries, the air is clean and fresh, the island is well ventilated, so there is no sweltering heat and humidity in summer



Northern Cyprus is a country with virtually zero crime. Even strangers greet friendly here, do not lock the car and at home, leave bags and phones on the tables in the cafe



Ecologically clean organic products, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, fish - the Cypriot diet contributes to a long and healthy life. Children, walking in the fresh air every day, become stronger and healthier, stop getting colds

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Apartments and villas on the Mediterranean coast. Long and short term rental apartments in modern residential complexes in North Cyprus. Weekend Packages - Spend some unforgettable days in a villa with a pool by the sea.

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Northern Cyprus is attracting more and more travelers, tourists and those who choose Northern Cyprus as their second home, looking for a warmer climate, a peaceful island life in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as quality education and clean sea air for their children. This is not surprising given that Northern Cyprus is a beautiful, safe and friendly country with a pleasant climate. And in Cyprus there are more than 300 sunny days a year - this is almost all year round. Today North Cyprus offers some of the best conditions for buying real estate if you are looking for options for living or investing in real estate in North Cyprus. The best way to find and explore real estate options that fit your criteria is a North Cyprus Exploration Tour. We also organize online conferences to familiarize buyers with the most profitable options for buying apartments in North Cyprus. You can read the main questions below. If you want to get all the information about real estate in Northern Cyprus, write to us, we will organize an online conference for you, in a format convenient for you, or a free study tour of the TRNC real estate.

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Apartments and villas on the Mediterranean coast. Long and short term rental apartments in modern residential complexes in North Cyprus. Weekend Packages - Spend some unforgettable days in a villa with a pool by the sea.

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We offer projects under construction at prices below market prices, which makes investments much more affordable, as well as increases the potential for capital growth and cash flow (profitability) Buying a property under construction (project) for your investment gives you confidence that tenants will always be interested in renting your property, ensuring a stable rental income (cash flow).

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