North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is the cleanest and most magnificent beaches in the entire Mediterranean. Turquoise gentle sea, golden sand and always sunny weather. Come to the island of your best future memories.

North Cyprus is probably the best place on Earth!

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The picturesque islands lost in warm seas have always attracted and allure people. A mild maritime climate, beaches stretching into the distance, a leisurely measured life, an endless series of gentle sunny days are just a few of the epithets that can be used to describe life on one of the islands.

Many, if not all, want or even make plans to live or relax on a warm island. And undoubtedly, one of these “easy to live” islands is Cyprus, located just 60 kilometers from the southern shores of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea.

But do you know this island well enough, although you have probably heard a lot about it. Even if you have been here, or maybe even live here, are you familiar with this small island?

Let’s start getting to know this wonderful, sunny island together…

Resorts and beaches in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a… One endless beach, shimmering in turquoise and gold. The place where the transparent and gentle sea meets the golden sand, where the rustling surf draws its pattern on the rocky ledges, where the soothing evening waves carry away the heat of the past day.

Even if you are in the farthest point from the sea in Northern Cyprus, the road to the beach will not take you more than 30 minutes. The entire coast of Northern Cyprus is a beach. A beach that only you like.

Northern Cyprus is the cleanest and most magnificent beaches in the entire Mediterranean. Turquoise gentle sea, golden sand and always sunny weather.

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North Cyprus Properties

Northern Cyprus is attracting more and more travelers, tourists and those who choose Northern Cyprus as their second home, looking for a warmer climate, a peaceful island life in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as quality education and clean sea air for their children. This is not surprising given that Northern Cyprus is a beautiful, safe and friendly country with a pleasant climate. And in Cyprus there are more than 300 sunny days a year – this is almost all year round.

Today North Cyprus offers some of the best conditions for buying real estate if you are looking for options for living or investing in real estate in North Cyprus. The best way to find and explore real estate options that fit your criteria is a North Cyprus Exploration Tour. We also organize online conferences to familiarize buyers with the most profitable options for buying apartments in North Cyprus. You can read the main questions below. If you want to get all the information about real estate in North Cyprus, write to us, we will organize an online conference for you, in a format convenient for you, or a free study tour of the TRNC real estate.

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