Interested in real estate in North Cyprus?

Take advantage of our great offer and spend three days in North Cyprus for free!

Property Viewing Tour in North Cyprus

We offer you  a free inspection trip to North Cyprus ,  to get to know this beautiful island, lifestyle, all property that you are interested in, and get acquainted with our other clients  , without any obligation  .

We will arrange for you a transfer from the airport to the apartment where you will be staying for 3 days. You will have the opportunity to live for free in the apartment that we book for you and become the owner of your own villa or apartment in North Cyprus . 

If you have questions regarding the legalization of real estate in North Cyprus or would like more information on the legal aspects of private property in North Cyprus, we will also arrange for you to meet with the company’s experienced lawyers specializing in real estate matters.

We will show you everything you want to see in North Cyprus, and we will also organize for you an excursion to the most interesting sights in North Cyprus.

We will organize a special meeting with representatives of developers, professionals and consultants who will tell you about the planning, construction, finishing processes and answer all your questions regarding the purchase of an apartment in North Cyprus, as well as provide all the information about special offers and installments for foreign buyers of real estate at North Cyprus .

Our goal is to bring your meta to life!


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